A Suite of Benchmark Programs for C-based High-Level Synthesis


The CHStone benchmark suite has been developed for C-based high-level synthesis (HLS). The CHStone benchmark suite selected programs of various application domains, some of which originally belong to other benchmark suites. CHStone has several key features described as follows:

List of Benchmark Programs

The CHStone suite includes the following programs. Source-level characteristics and synthesis results can be found in our paper.

Program Design Description Source
DFADD Double-precision floating-point addition SoftFloat [1]
DFMUL Double-precision floating-point multiplication SoftFloat [1]
DFDIV Double-precision floating-point division SoftFloat [1]
DFSIN Sine function for double-precision floating-point numbers CHStone group, SoftFloat [1]
MIPS Simplified MIPS processor CHStone group
ADPCM Adaptive differential pulse code modulation decoder and encoder SNU [2]
GSM Linear predictive coding analysis of global system for mobile communications MediaBench [3]
JPEG JPEG image decompression The Portable Video Research Group [4],
CHStone group
MOTION Motion vector decoding of the MPEG-2 MediaBench [3]
AES Advanced encryption standard AILab [5]
BLOWFISH Data encryption standard MiBench [6]
SHA Secure hash algorithm MiBench [6]

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[6] M. R. Guthaus, J. S. Ringenberg, and D. Ernst, "MiBench: A free, commercially representative embedded benchmark suite," WWC, 2001.


Please cite the following paper when you publish a paper where CHStone is used.



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