ERTLEmbedded Real-Time Systems Laboratory

Access to our lab

Access to our lab

Our lab is located on the east side of the 4th floor of IB south building in Higashiyama campus of Nagoya University.

To the Higashiyama campus of Nagoya University, it is convenient to use the Nagoya University station on the subway metro line. From Nagoya station, take the subway Higashiyama (Yellow) line and change to the Meijo (Purple) line at Motoyama station.

After going out from exit 3 of the subway, go straight, turn right at the first corner, and enter the campus.

You can find immediately the IB south building on the right-hand side and its entrance on the south side of the building. It is a building of 5 floors (may be visible on the 4th floor because the 1st floor is half a basement).

The map around the IB south building in Nagoya University is below.