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Upgrade of µITRON3.0 Specification (English version) announced

The English version of the µITRON3.0 specification has now been upgraded to Ver 3.02.00, in line with changes in the Japanese edition. As with the earlier version, it is being made available on line from here.

If there is a demand for it, consideration is also being given to distributing the file on floppy disk. Please contact the ITRON Technical Committee for details. Note that the Japanese edition is published in book form and is available in bookstores; there are no plans to distribute it on line.

ITRON-related Publications

Listed below are the publications prepared and issued by the ITRON Technical Committee as of August 1, 1995. The ITRON-µITRON Standard Handbook is a one-volume compilation of µITRON (Ver 2.0) and ITRON2 specifications. Each of the publications below can be obtained directly from the sources indicated.

The latest version of µITRON3.0 is now Ver 3.02.00. Changes made since the µITRON3.0 Standard Handbook was released (Ver 3.00.00) are noted in Newsletter No.5 and No.11, as well as in ITRON Standard Guidebook~2.

The recently issued ITRON Standard Guidebook 2, which is a general introduction to the ITRON specifications, deals primarily with µITRON3.0. Meanwhile, the earlier ITRON Standard Guidebook '92-'93 remains as a valuable reference for use with the µITRON (Ver 2.0) and ITRON2 specifications, even though the dates in its title are now past.

ITRON-related Publications
Name Type Price Publisher Issued ISBN No.
ITRON-µITRON Standard Handbook Specification (Jap.) 4,800Yen Personal Media Co. 1990 ISBN4-89362-079-7
µITRON3.0 Standard Handbook Specification (Jap.) 4,000Yen Personal Media Co. 1993 ISBN4-89362-106-8
ITRON/FILE Standard Handbook Specification (Jap.) 3,000Yen Personal Media Co. 1992 ISBN4-89362-092-4
ITRON Standard Guidebook '92-'93 Textbook (Jap.) 3,500Yen Personal Media Co. 1992 ISBN4-89362-197-6
ITRON Standard Guidebook 2 Textbook (Jap.) 3,500Yen Personal Media Co. 1994 ISBN4-89362-133-5
µITRON Specification Ver Specification (Eng.) 12,000Yen TRON Association 1989 -
ITRON2 Specification Ver Specification (Eng.) 15,000Yen TRON Association 1990 -
µITRON3.0 Specification Ver 3.02.00 Specification (Eng.) - TRON Association 1994 -
- Prices do not include consumption tax.
- The documents issued by the TRON Association are available to Association members at a special discount rate.
- English-language specifications are distributed free of charge from here.

ITRON Open Seminar held in July

The ITRON Open Seminar took place July 20 in Tokyo. These seminars are held annually to introduce the latest ITRON specification implementations and other fruits of the ITRON subproject, and to present updates on such issues as the ITRON development environment. This year marked the fifth seminar in the series.

The theme of this year's seminar was, "ITRON Supportware: A Growing Store". The program, as listed below, included presentations on the checksheets developed to determine µITRON application compatibility, on development environments and middleware supporting ITRON, application case studies, and research trends. A late addition to the list of presenters was Joseph Rothman of the U.S. firm CARDtools Systems Corporation, who introduced his company's CASE tools. The hall was filled to capacity by the attentive audience of around 90 persons.

Date: Thursday, July 20
Time: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Place: Shinagawa Community Center "Kurian" (in Tokyo)
  1. An update on the ITRON subproject
    Kiichiro Tamaru (Toshiba Corporation)
  2. Compatibility of µITRON application programs
    Hiroaki Takada (Univ. of Tokyo)
    Yasuhiro Kobayashi (Fujitsu Limited)
  3. Development environment support for ITRON
    1. "A real-time software environment for µITRON"
      Joseph Rothman (CARDtools systems)
      Tomoyuki Kurihara (Andor System Support)
    2. "Real-time software development system RTiplus"
      Koichi Nakamoto (NEC Corporation)
    3. "TCP/IP library and file system for µITRON use"
      Hiroyuki Kato (AI Corporation)
  4. ITRON application case studies and research trends
    1. "How the ITRON FA computer TB-110 is used"
      Shuji Yura (Japan Minicomputer Systems Co., Ltd.)
    2. "Realizing a silicon TRON"
      Takumi Nakano (Toyota College of Technology)
    3. "Research on ITRON specifications in the Sakamura Laboratory"
      Hiroaki Takada (Univ. of Tokyo)
      Nobuo Sakiyama (Univ. of Tokyo)
  5. Special guest lecture: "The future of ITRON"
    Ken Sakamura (Univ. of Tokyo)
In addition to the above presentations, workstations were set up in the hall running demonstrations of the ITRON-supporting development environments CARDtools and RTiplus. These proved of great interest to those in attendance.

A reception following the seminar was attended by around 40 persons.

ITRON seminars planned for China

As noted in Newsletter No.13, seminars are to be held in China later this year, as part of the effort to make the ITRON specifications more widely known outside of Japan. Identical seminars will be held in Beijing and Shanghai, on October 16 and 18, respectively. These "Japan-China Joint Workshops on ITRON Technologies" will be attended by a number of ITRON Technical Committee members and other representatives from Japan.

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