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Revised edition of µITRON3.0 Standard Handbook released

The µITRON3.0 specification, published as the µITRON3.0 Standard Handbook, has been issued in a revised edition. Besides bringing the specification up to date with the latest version, the new edition revises parts of the explanation that were inadequate or unclear, and adopts a revamped organization. Note that since the technical content of the specification has not changed since Ver 3.02.00, the µITRON specification in the case of the new Handbook is Ver 3.02.02.

ITRON-specification product registration update

The products listed in the table were newly registered as ITRON-specification products since the last issue of this Newsletter and up until June 1, 1997. For the newly registered products that implement the µITRON3.0 specification, a comparison with the µITRON3.0 compatibility checksheets can be viewed on the ITRON Home Page. Note also that the ARIOS960, ARIOS960M, HI32-200, and HI32A-200 products have been deregistered. The list of all registered products is here.

Newly Registered Products (Apr. 1, 1997 - Jun. 1, 1997)
Specification Product Name Processor Company
µITRON3.0 UDEOS/r39 TLCS-R3900 Family Toshiba Information Systems
UDEOS/i586 Pentium, i486 Toshiba Information Systems
ITRON1 RX116 V20 ERG Co., Ltd.
RX136 V33A ERG Co., Ltd.
RX320 V25 ERG Co., Ltd.
RX423 V55PI ERG Co., Ltd.
µITRON2.0 HI8-2600 H8S Hitachi, Ltd.
* Above list may include products not supported outside of Japan.
* Product names are valid only in Japan.

ITRON-related Publications

Listed below are the publications prepared and issued by the ITRON Technical Committee as of June 1, 1997. The ITRON-µITRON Standard Handbook is a one-volume compilation of µITRON (Ver 2.0) and ITRON2 specifications. Each of the publications below can be obtained directly from the sources indicated.

The latest version of µITRON3.0 is Ver 3.02.00. Changes made since the µITRON3.0 Standard Handbook was released (Ver 3.00.00) are noted in Newsletter No.5 and No.11, as well as in ITRON Standard Guidebook 2.

The ITRON Standard Guidebook 2 deals primarily with µITRON3.0. The earlier ITRON Standard Guidebook '92-'93 remains as a valuable reference for use with the µITRON (Ver 2.0) and ITRON2 specifications, even though the dates in its title are now past.

ITRON-related Publications
Name Type Price Publisher Issued ISBN No.
ITRON-µITRON Standard Handbook Specification (Jap.) 4,800Yen Personal Media Co. 1990 ISBN4-89362-079-7
µITRON3.0 Standard Handbook Specification (Jap.) 4,000Yen Personal Media Co. 1993 ISBN4-89362-106-8
ITRON/FILE Standard Handbook Specification (Jap.) 3,000Yen Personal Media Co. 1992 ISBN4-89362-092-4
ITRON Standard Guidebook '92-'93 Textbook (Jap.) 3,500Yen Personal Media Co. 1992 ISBN4-89362-197-6
ITRON Standard Guidebook 2 Textbook (Jap.) 3,500Yen Personal Media Co. 1994 ISBN4-89362-133-5
µITRON Specification Ver Specification (Eng.) 12,000Yen TRON Association 1989 -
ITRON2 Specification Ver Specification (Eng.) 15,000Yen TRON Association 1990 -
µITRON3.0 Specification Ver 3.02.00 Specification (Eng.) - TRON Association 1994 -
* Prices do not include consumption tax.
* The documents are available to TRON Association members at a special discount rate.
* English-language specifications are distributed free of charge from here.

Plans for overseas promotional activities in fiscal 1997

The ITRON Technical Committee has various plans for promoting the ITRON specifications overseas during fiscal 1997. It will be participating again this year in the Embedded Systems Conference to be held in San Jose in late September and early October. And in Asia, a seminar will be held in Seoul, Korea.

The Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) is the world's biggest trade show in the embedded systems field. Sponsored by Miller Freeman, Inc., the show is held twice a year, once on the U.S. East Coast (ESC East) and once on the West Coast (ESC West). Of these, the ITRON Technical Committee each year takes part in ESC West, the larger of the two events. This year as last, the venue is the San Jose Convention Center in California, where the show will run from Monday, September 29 through Thursday, October 2. This year the ITRON Technical Committee will be exhibiting in a joint booth with the Japan System House Association (JASA), with the focus on promoting the ITRON specifications.

As a promotional activity in Asia, this year an ITRON seminar is being planned for Seoul, Korea. A similar plan was made for the previous fiscal year but could not be carried out. The date and other details are still pending.

The committee is looking for suitable opportunities to promote ITRON in other parts of the world as well, including other Asian countries and Europe. Anyone interested in learning more about overseas promotional activities for ITRON is invited to contact the ITRON Technical Committee.

Presentation at Embedded System Solutions '97

ITRON Technical Committee secretary Hiroaki Takada of the University of Tokyo gave a presentation on the latest trends in the ITRON specifications, at the Conference portion of Embedded System Solutions '97. The conference and exhibition, sponsored by the Japan Electronic Industry Development Association (JEIDA), took place in Tokyo from April 15 through 18.

Mr. Takada's presentation was given on Friday the 18th, the final day of the event, from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m., before an audience of around 80 persons. He gave a brief overview of the ITRON specifications, then described the work of the Hard Real-time Support Study Group and the Embedded TCP/IP Technical Committee toward creating industry standards. He also introduced new projects such as the work of the RTOS Automotive Application Technical Committee. Other topics covered in the presentation were the results of a survey on ITRON use trends, conducted at the end of last year and early 1997, and activities aimed at promoting ITRON overseas.

Newly registered products

Two of the new products recently registered with the TRON Association are introduced here. Because of the large number of products registered since the previous issue, introductions to the RX116, RX136, RX320, RX423, and HI8-2600 OSs will be given in the next issue of the Newsletter.

UDEOS/r39, UDEOS/i586
Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corp.

Product Overview

UDEOS/r39 and UDEOS/i586 are real-time OSs implementing the µITRON3.0 specification, for Toshiba's TLCS-R3900 32-bit RISC microprocessor and for Intel's Pentium and i486 high-performance 32-bit microprocessors, respectively.



The UDEOS/r39 and UDEOS/i586 OSs support the following functions.

Supplied format

The UDEOS/r39 and UDEOS/i586 OSs are supplied with source code. There is no royalty fee charged for incorporating the OS in systems.

Development environment

The UDEOS/r39 and UDEOS/i586 kernel is written in C and assembly language. Application programs can be written entirely in C if desired; naturally, assembly language can be used as well. The following tools are available supporting application system development.

For more information, contact:

Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corporation
7-1 Nisshin-cho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi 210, Japan
Tel: +81-44-246-8310 (Open Systems Department)
FAX: +81-44-246-8133

Other ITRON-related products

Here we look briefly at some ITRON-related development tools and middleware made available recently. Anyone wishing to have a product introduced in future issues is encouraged to contact the ITRON Technical Committee.

Middleware for a µITRON environment


USNET(TM) is a network software library for real-time embedded systems, centering around RFC-compliant TCP/IP protocol and developed by US Software Corporation.

USFiles(TM) is a set of PC-compatible file systems in source program format for use in providing a floppy disk, hard disk, MO, flash memory card, on-board flash or other disk device on a variety of systems that use a µITRON-specification OS or other real-time OS. This facility is used for exchanging data between the target system and a PC.

USNET features

USFiles features

For more information, contact:

Products, Department 2nd Section
2-25-2 Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141, JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-3493-7981
FAX: +81-3-3493-7993

! This newsletter is a special edition for WWW of the one appeared in TRONWARE vol.46 and TRON PROJECT JOURNAL No.47.

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