License Agreement on ChaiVM object code for evaluation

Sentences which appear in this file are translation given in English for reference. This is the translation of user License document stated in Japanese. For legal purposes, the original Japanese document is the official License document.

This License agreement is on using the software described below under the specified License Conditions based on the License Contract concluded between Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd. (hereinafter "HPJ"), an affiliated company of Hewlett-Packard Company (hereinafter "HP") in Japan, and TRON ASSOCIATION, a Japanese incorporated association. To be eligible to receive this agreement, you have to agree to and accept the followings.

1) Software and right details subject to the License Agreement

This License Agreement permits the use of ChaiVM and ChaiAWT which are the softwares used by being integrated into JTRON environment in micro-ITRON of TRON ASSOCIATION. ChaiVM is virtual machine for Java programming language developed originally by HP and includes standard class libraries (java.lang,, and java.util). ChaiAWT is a graphic library with API of AWT used in combination with ChaiVM. The right permitted by this license agreement is limited to the use of ChaiVM and ChaiAWT in JTRON evaluation environment with the purpose of evaluation on one unspecified device and two back up devices. It is prohibited to use these softwares for in-house office work or commercial purpose.

2) Copyrights

The softwares subject to the license agreement are owned by HP and their copyrights belong to HP. This license agreement does not indicate transferring any right on the software subject to the license agreement and it is prohibited to sell the licensed software itself and to use the licensed software to manufacture, market or support product or software of the users of the licensed software.

3) Copying and transferring

The licensed software is prohibited to be copied except for the purpose of creating a backup copy. However, if the software can be used only by copying and transferring (including ROM) necessary within the authorized range, the software can be copied or transferred (including ROM) on condition that original Copyright Notice on the licensed software should appear on the copied/transferred software. The Copyright Notice must appear on the backup copy also. It is prohibited to copy and distribute the licensed software, its copy or its Derivative work to any public network, bulletin board system, similar image screen or publication as an attachment.

4) Reverse engineering and decoding

You have to agree that the following actions are prohibited to be taken on the licensed software.
(i) Modifying the source code of the licensed software in object code format, inverse compiling, reverse engineering, disassembling, analyzing or attempting to analyze the licensed software.
(ii) Creating secondary products based on the licensed software in the form of object code format or documentation.

5) Eliminating warranty and liability

HP and HPJ do not provide any clear/unclear warranty. In addition, HP and HPJ do not guarantee the market competitive power and appropriateness of the software as a product for specific purpose.

6) Liability restriction

HP and HPJ are not liable for any loss and damage caused by accepting this license agreement toward users of the licensed software, its clients and other third parties. In any case, HP and HPJ do not take any responsibility against damages for direct loss, indirect loss, special loss, accompanied loss and consequential loss (including loss of passive damages but not limited to this) caused by accepting this license agreement, by promoting the terms and purposes of this license agreement or by legal logic no matter whether possible damage has been notified or not.

7) General provisions

a) For any reasons, HPJ holds the right to terminate this license agreement. Once this license agreement is terminated, all the licensed softwares and their copies must be returned to HPJ.
b) For aviation electronics and online control application :
The licensed software is not designed for aircraft, air routes, flight navigation or aerial communication or to design, construct, operate or maintain nuclear facilities, nor intended to be used for these purposes.
c) Requirements on export :
You have to agree to observe all the conformed laws and regulations which dominate the exportation of the licensed software and class libraries of TRON ASSOCIATION, including U.S. export control law 1979 (including amendments and revised laws thereafter) and export control regulation issued by the Department of Commerce of the United States.
d) Transfer :
This license agreement must not be transferred to any third party and any attempt of transferring the license agreement becomes void. Merger, corporate reorganization, actual transfer of all the properties or change of domination or ownership is considered as transfer.
e) Troubleshooting, jurisdiction :
Tokyo district court is the competent court of the first trial for any lawsuit involving this license agreement.

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