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(The JCG Project)

Software for evaluation

June 2000 first edition
February 2001 revised edition

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This website provides the software developed as "Distributed Software Platform for Consumer Information Appliances (JCG project)" by TRON ASSOCIATION.

What is JCG project?

JCG project is a project to develop three types of middleware (JTRON platform (J), embedded CORBA (C) and GUI middleware (G)) which operate on ITRON. Refer to JCG project summary and Instruction manual for details.

Available Softwares
- Operation conditions
- JCG Products
- Programs for building JCG execution environment (For DOS/V PC)
- JCG application development environment
- JCG sample application
- License Conditions on using JCG development products
JCG archive files
- JTRON platform (96,259bytes)
- embedded CORBA (972,276bytes)
- GUI middleware (824,844bytes)


TRON Association
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E-mail: jcg@itron.gr.jp


There is no special support system available for technical information and softwares provided in this site . However, we would like you to let us know by e-mailing at jcg@itron.gr.jp if you have any question, opinions and comments. Depending on your question, we may be able to send an answer.

The specifications and technical information of the softwares provided in this site does not guarantee their compatibility for future. Note that the specifications is subject to change without notice due to version update.

We ask you to send your questions and comments by e-mailing at jcg@itron.gr.jp.

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