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(The JCG Project)

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* The files in this page are indentical to those included in the CD-ROM "Distributed Software Platform for Consumer Information Appliances(The JCG Project)". Note that some explanations in these files suppose that you read from the CD-ROM.


  JCG Sample application JCG Product(source & object)
JTRON platform - JTRONAPL.TGZ (96,259bytes) - JTRONSRC.TGZ (1,182,245 bytes)
embedded CORBA - CORBAAPL.TGZ (972,276bytes) - CORBASRC.TGZ (176,082 bytes)
the GUI middleware - GUIAPL.TGZ (824,844bytes) - GUISRC.TGZ(601,600 bytes)

LIB,ENV,INCLUDE directories
JCGPRG.TGZ(997,927Bytes) archive file
files (available from JCGPRG.TGZ)
LIB directory
cre_ior gkbpd jt2ext libecb.a
libgui.a slimrt

ENV directory
JCGENV libjcg.a readme.txt readme_e.txt

INCLUDE directory
corba.h ecbasrv.h ecbcfg.h ecbcon.h
ecberr.h ecbgiop.h ecbinit.h ecbmem.h
ecbmrshl.h ecbobj.h ecborb.h ecbpoa.h
ecbseq.h ecbtype.h i_device.h i_jt2ext.h
i_malloc.h i_pload.h i_socket.h libgui.h
makerules readme.txt readme_e.txt

* This site is a special edition for WWW of "Distributed Software Platform for Consumer Information Appliances (The JCG Project)", which is available from a CD-ROM provided by TRON ASSOCIATION.

Copyright (C) 2000,2001 TRON Association

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