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ITRON-specification OS, which has three major characteristics of realtime, compact size and independent architecture, has large share of embedded control OS in Japan. "Distributed Software Platform for Consumer Information Appliances" (called JCG project in short) developed three types of ITRON middleware groups, which are JTRON platform, embedded CORBA and GUI middleware, while making good use of these three characteristics.

The result from JCG project development is applicable in many fields, such as network-compatible electric appliances for coming generation, cellular phone, FA network computers and ticket vendor as well as information system in automobile such as car navigation system and ITS. JCG project is expected to promote further penetration of ITRON.

The source programs of middleware groups developed by JCG project are opened to public for free and anyone can use them freely. Moreover, we are available to discuss on modification of program for OEM purpose and transportation of program to different hardware platform. Feel free to contact TRON Association (jcg@itron.gr.jp).

"J" : JTRON platform

JTRON platform is a hybrid operating environment where Java execution environment and realtime kernel are fused into one. By implementing an application which requires realtime response in ITRON and an application where Java's advantages take a good effect in Java execution environment, harmonized operation with the advantages of those two applications can be realized. JCG project uses ChaiVM of HP to develop an OS which complies with JTRON 2.0 specification.

"C" : Embedded CORBA

CORBA is a mechanism to build a position-transparent and distributed system which ensures interoperability. You can expect quality improvement, recyclability and transportability improvement from CORBA because of object-oriented programming.
JCG project selected necessary functions while maintaining interoperability to develop compact embedded CORBA. The embedded CORBA can be also used in information appliances with relatively small memory.

"G" : GUI middleware

GUI middleware is a library group to support building GUI (Graphical User Interface) which operates in embedded devices.
The function to draw line, circle, bit map, etc., the function to manage GUI parts such as switch and volume, the function to control screen and panel, the function to manage information from input devices as an event and so on are included.

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