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Table of Contents

Work Begins on Validation Specification for µITRON4.0 Specification
New Manufacturer Code Assignments
ITRON-specification Product Registration Update
ITRON-related Publications
MST '99 Exhibition and Special ITRON Seminar
Conference and Seminar Presentations
ARM Solutions Seminar
Kyoto Conference of J-Consortium
Motorola & embedded Partner Conference
Elmic Systems Seminar
Newly Registered Product
µMORE v3.0-A µITRON3-specification Real-time Multitasking OS

Work Begins on Validation Specification for µITRON4.0 Specification

The ITRON Committee has recently begun preparing a validation specification for the µITRON4.0 specification, as a base on which to build a validation program. This work is intended to address the issue of putting in place a testing program for certifying that real-time kernels implemented in line with ITRON specifications actually satisfy the specification requirements.

The validation specification will prescribe the details and procedures of tests for verifying that implementations conform to the specification. The document now being prepared pertains to the standard profile and the automotive control profile of the µITRON4.0 specification. Conducting the tests prescribed in the validation specification will verify whether a real-time kernel faithfully implements the µITRON4.0 specification or not, which is expected to enhance the portability of application programs that run on the kernel. It should be noted, however, that the validation specification is not intended to ensure the quality of real-time kernels, as it will merely specify the minimum testing that should be done to confirm conformance to the µITRON4.0 specification. Moreover, the scope of the committee's work will not include preparation of the test suite for conducting the tests prescribed in the validation specification.

The policy of "loose specifications" adopted for the µITRON specification has previously presented a technical hurdle for the creation of a validation program, because conformance to the specification has been hard to define rigorously. To surmount that hurdle, conformance has been clearly spelled out as an essential condition in the profile specifications incorporated in the µITRON4.0 specification, making it technically feasible to establish a validation program. The committee is considering adopting simple procedures for the program, including granting certification under a self-reporting system concerning the execution of the tests prescribed in the validation specification.

A validation specification WG under the ITRON Committee is now examining the details of the validation specification for the µITRON4.0 specification. The validation specification is expected to be ready for public release by the end of April. Ways of implementing the validation program are being examined at the same time.

New Manufacturer Code Assignments

The following manufacturer codes have been newly assigned:

0x010dACCESS Co., Ltd.
0x010eFujitsu Device Limited

These code assignments were made on the basis of products registered in the ITRON-specification Product Registration System and the newly established procedure for making code assignment applications in advance. Anyone wishing to obtain a manufacturer code is encouraged to contact the ITRON Committee.

ITRON-specification Product Registration Update

The product listed in the table below was newly registered as an ITRON-specification product in the interim from the issue of the last Newsletter to December 1, 1999. An up-to-date list of all registered products is available at the the ITRON Web site.

List of Products Newly Registered in the ITRON-specification Product Registration System
(June 1 to December 1, 1999)
Specification Product Processor Company
µTRON3.0 µMORE v3.0 SH Series ACCESS Co., Ltd.
* The ITRON-specification Product Registration System is not intended as a guarantee of the quality of a product or its conformance to the ITRON specifications.
* Some registered products are not supported outside Japan.
* The product name is valid only in Japan.

ITRON-related Publications

The table below lists all the publications that were created and issued by the ITRON Committee as of December 1, 1999. Please contact the relevant source to obtain copies.

The revised edition of the µITRON3.0 Standard Handbook contains the latest version of the µITRON3.0 specification (Ver. 3.02.02). The revisions made between the old edition of the µITRON3.0 Standard Handbook (Ver. 3.00.00) and Ver. 3.02.00 are listed in the ITRON Standard Guidebook 2. The changes from Ver. 3.02.00 to Ver. 3.02.02 involve only organizational changes and additional explanations, and do not affect the technical contents.

The ITRON-µITRON Standard Handbook is a one-volume compilation of the µITRON Ver. 2.0 and ITRON2 specifications. As hard copies are no longer available, the entire contents have been posted at the publisher's Web site.

The ITRON Standard Guidebook '92-'93 mainly deals with the µITRON Ver. 2.0 and ITRON2 specifications, while the ITRON Standard Guidebook 2 primarily concerns the µITRON3.0 specification. The former guidebook is still a valuable reference when using the µITRON Ver. 2.0 and ITRON2 specifications, even though the years in the title have passed.

ITRON-related Publications

Name Type Price Publisher Issued ISBN No.
ITRON-µITRON Standard Handbook Specification (Jap.) (out of print) Personal Media Corp. 1990 ISBN4-89362-079-7
µITRON3.0 Standard Handbook Revised Edition Specification (Jap.) 4,000 yen Personal Media Corp. 1997 ISBN4-89362-154-8
µITRON4.0 Specification Specification (Jap.) 5,000 yen (incl. tax) TRON Association 1999 -
ITRON Standard Guidebook '92 - '93 Reference work (Jap.) 3,500 yen Personal Media Corp. 1992 ISBN4-89362-197-6
ITRON Standard Guidebook 2 Reference work (Jap.) 3,500 yen Personal Media Corp. 1994 ISBN4-89362-133-5
ITRON TCP/IP API Specification (Ver. 1.00.01) Specification (Jap.) - TRON Association 1998 -
JTRON2.0 Specification (Ver. 2.00.00) Specification (Jap.) - TRON Association 1998 -
µITRON Specification Ver Specification (Eng.) 12,000 yen TRON Association 1989 -
ITRON2 Specification Ver Specification (Eng.) 15,000 yen TRON Association 1990 -
µITRON3.0 Specification Ver 3.02.00 Specification (Eng.) - TRON Association 1994 -
µITRON3.0: An Open and Portable Real-Time Operating System for Embedded Systems Specification (Eng.) $40.00 IEEE CS Press 1997 ISBN0-8186-7795-3
JTRON2.0 Specification (Ver. 2.00.00) Specification (Eng.) - TRON Association 1999 -
*Prices do not include applicable taxes unless otherwise indicated.
*The documents are available to TRON Association members at a special discount rate.
*English-language specifications issued by the TRON Association are available from
the ITRON Web site.

MST '99 Exhibition and Special ITRON Seminar

The TRON Association had a booth at MST '99 (Microcomputer System and Tool Fair) to introduce ITRON specifications to visitors at this three-day event, held November 10-12 at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight). Sponsoring this trade show was the Japan System House Association. At a conference organized in conjunction with the fair, the ITRON Committee held a special ITRON seminar.

The TRON Association booth featured panel explanations and exhibits of documents, and literature was handed out to visitors. A questionnaire concerning RTOS usage trends was passed out and collected whenever possible from visitors who were able to complete it on the spot.

As in previous years, exhibitors were asked to display the ITRON logo at their booths along with a placard saying, "We support the ITRON project." The Association would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their cooperation.

The special ITRON seminar, now a traditional event, was organized on November 11, the second day of the show, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Three presentations were given on the topics mentioned in the table below to update attendees on the current status of the ITRON project. Despite the late afternoon time frame, over 200 people attended the seminar.

Special ITRON Seminar-"Recent Developments in Standardization Studies in the ITRON Project"
Date and time: Thursday, November 11, 1999, 4:00-6:00 p.m.
(1) Recent Trends Concerning the µITRON4.0 Specification and ITRON Project
Hiroaki Takada, ITRON Committee Secretary; Toyohashi University of Technology
(2) Update on the Device Driver Design Guideline Study
Masahiro Shukuguchi, Device Driver Design Guideline WG Secretary; Mitsubishi Electric Micro-Computer Application Software Co., Ltd.
(3) Present Status of the Debugging Interface Specification Study
Masaru Yamanaka, Debugging Interface Specification WG Secretary; Nihon Cygnus Solutions

Conference and Seminar Presentations

Members of the ITRON Committee gave presentations concerning the ITRON project at the following conferences and seminars that were held from mid-October to mid-December 1999.

ARM Solutions Seminar

ITRON Committee Chair Kiichiro Tamaru of Toshiba Corp. and Committee Secretary Hiroaki Takada of Toyohashi University of Technology delivered presentations introducing the ITRON project at the ARM Solutions Seminar. This two-day seminar was organized by Arm Co., Ltd. in Tokyo on October 28-29. Tamaru spoke about the activities of the ITRON project on the first day and Takada gave a presentation on the same theme on the second day.

Kyoto Conference of J-Consortium

At the Kyoto Conference of the J-Consortium, ITRON Committee Secretary Hiroaki Takada of Toyohashi University of Technology and Committee member Shoichi Hachiya of Aplix Corporation made presentations introducing the ITRON project and the JTRON specification. This conference was held at the Kyoto International Conference Hall on November 8-9. The J-Consortium is an international standards group involved in standardization activities for Java. Many attendees from overseas also took part in the Kyoto Conference.

Motorola & Embedded Partner Conference

ITRON Committee member Katsuhiko Ishida of Hitachi, Ltd. delivered a presentation introducing the ITRON project at the Motorola & Embedded Partner Conference, organized by Motorola Inc. in Tokyo on November 18.

Elmic Systems Seminar

Elmic Systems Inc. organized a seminar on November 26 under the theme of "Embedded Systems Embrace High-speed Real-time Processing." ITRON Committee member Hiroshi Monden of NEC Corp. delivered a presentation entitled "An ITRON View of WindowsOCE and ACCEL-µ."


At TRONSHOW2000, held at the Tokyo Design Center from December 2-4, a session about recent TRON project activities was organized from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. on the first day. ITRON Committee Chair Kiichiro Tamaru of Toshiba Corp. spoke about the latest ITRON project developments. Another ITRON-related event was a panel discussion chaired by Hiroshi Monden of NEC Corp. on the topic of embedded systems and software development. In addition, exhibiting companies gave presentations about various products related to ITRON specifications.

Newly Registered Product

A brief description is given here of a newly registered ITRON-specification product.

µMORE v3.0-A µITRON3-specification Real-time Multitasking OS
ACCESS Co., Ltd.


Based on the µITRON3.0 specification, µMORE v3.0 is a real-time multitasking OS designed to meet the memory resource and performance requirements of small embedded-system products. This real-time OS comes with Easy Power Save mode and the AVE-TCP network module as standard features, and is targeted at next-generation portable equipment. It can be implemented in combination with NetFront/Compact, NetFront, the de facto standard of intelligent appliances, or in stand-alone applications to support the development of products that conserve resources and power while delivering superior performance and functionality.


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