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JTRON2.1 Specification

The JTRON Specification is to standardize the interface specifications which are necessary in implementing a Java runtime environment on an ITRON-specification real-time operating system. Specifically, the communication interfaces between tasks on the ITRON-specification operating system and threads on the Java runtime environment are standardized.

The whole specification document of the JTRON2.1 Specification can be downloaded from here.

- JTRON2.1 Specification (Ver. 2.01.00; Japanese version)

The JTRON2.1 Specification was designed by the JTRON Working Group under the ITRON Committee of TRON Association and was published on Nov. 2000.

JTRON2.0 Specification

The JTRON2.0 Specification was designed by the Java Technology on ITRON-specification OS Technical Committee, which is a subcommittee of the ITRON Technical Committee, and was published on Oct. 1998. The specification document can be downloaded from here. The announcement on the release of the specification is here.

- JTRON2.0 Specification (Ver. 2.00.00; Japanese version)

- JTRON2.0 Specification (Ver. 2.00.00; English version)

JTRON1.0 Specification

The JTRON1.0 Specification was designed under the leadership of Sakamura Lab. of Univ. of Tokyo and was published on Dec. 1997. The whole specification can be downloaded from here.

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